#YS4Dinetah - Limited Edition, T-Shirts
#YS4Dinetah - Limited Edition, T-Shirts
#YS4Dinetah - Limited Edition, T-Shirts
#YS4Dinetah - Limited Edition, T-Shirts

#YS4Dinetah - Limited Edition, T-Shirts

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Moved by the suffering of the Navajo Nation, Jacob Faithful, founder of Grammy-nominated drum group Young Spirit, reached out to acclaimed Navajo painter Craig George, asking him to create an image that showed their shared concern for Dinétah, the land of the Diné (Navajo), and its people. With this image (seen here), Jacob’s company Young Spirit Supplies is creating a T-shirt that communicates the urgency of the situation on the Navajo reservation and is emblematic of the bonds among the Indigenous communities of North America in their concern for each other.

For every T-shirt sold, Young Spirit Supplies will send 5 medical grade masks to the Navajo Nation Department of Health.

These masks are FDA and CE approved medical grade single-use masks.

By purchasing this shirt, you support an Indigenous-owned business, a singing enterprise and and a crucial Indigenous painter. You celebrate the beautiful musical and visual art of the original peoples of North America. Most importantly, you bring safety and aid to the Navajo people, a vital part of this great continent in the form of crucial protective masks in the time of a global pandemic.


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